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196, November 2016
Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker new!
Fillon will most likely become the next French president, Trump's acceptance speech, Donald Trump elected president, The legacy of Barack Obama, The case against Donald Trump, The case against Hillary Clinton new!
Art: Francis Bacon

195, October 2
The third presidential debate offered a clear contrast of policies between Clinton and Trump, Ahead of the third presidential debate, The hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton, The second Clinton-Trump debate
Franz von Stuck in Vienna, Van Gogh: On the Verge of Insanity

194, September 2016
The first Clinton-Trump debate, Corbyn confirmed as party leader, Full text of Trump's immigration speech

193, August 2016
To ban the burkini is nonsense, Moderates remain minority in Iran

192, July 2016
Politics: Full transcript of Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech, Full transcript of Bernie Sanders' convention speech, Full transcript of Donald Trump's acceptance speech, Using the military coup as an excuse, Erdogan will further cement his grip on power, Military coup in Turkey, Liz Truss is the new Secretary of Justice, Opinions about Theresa May, Theresa May's cabinet, The full transcript of Theresa May's first statement as Prime Minister
, Theresa May's vision for the United Kingdom
Scottish Tea

191, June 2016
Politics: The speech of Nigel Farage in the European Parliament, David Cameron will step down by October, The Brits vote for a Brexit,
Arguments against a Brexit, Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, Sanders needs wins in California and New Jersey
Degas: A Strange New Beauty, Art Basel

190, May 2016
Politics: Sanders vows to stay in the race until the last ballot is cast,
Senate suspends President Rousseff, Trump wins Nebraska and West Virginia, Rodrigo Duterte, Trump wins Indiana and Ted Cruz ends his presidential bid, Bernie Sanders wins in Indiana and vows to take the fight to the Democratic convention

189, April 2016
Politics: Full transcript of Trump's foreign policy speech, Clinton wins Pennsylvania, Trump wins Pennsylvania and four other states, Trump wins New York as expected, Obama's Iran policy, Sanders and Clinton split delegates in Wyoming,
Cruz wins Colorado, Cruz and Sanders win. It will get ugly after Wisconsin, Poroshenko in the Panama Papers

188, March 2016
Elisabeth Leonskaja - Franz Schubert late piano sonatas
Art: Munch : Van Gogh

Politics: Sanders wins Hawaii Democratic caucuses, Sanders has won the Washington Democratic caucuses, Ted Cruz wins Utah, Bernie Sanders Idaho and Utah, Trump and Clinton win in Arizona, Trump wins Florida, Kasich beats Trump in Ohio, Clinton wins Florida, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina and Missouri, Trump defeated in Washington, D.C and Wyoming, Trump wins in Michigan and Mississippi, Cruz in Idaho, Sanders wins in Michigan, Clinton in Mississippi, Rubio shows sign of life in Puerto Rico, Sanders wins in Maine, Only Cruz can beat Trump, No clear winners on Super Saturday, Ted Cruz wins in Alaska,
Trump and Clinton win on Super Tuesday

187, February 2016
Lifestyle, Amsterdam: Bobby Rust
Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam
Clinton wins in South Carolina, Rubio wins Houston Republican debate, Trump wins Nevada because of party base anger at GOP establishment, Clinton wins in Nevada, Trump wins in South Carolina, Cameron announced EU referendum, Sanders and Trump win in New Hampshire, New Hampshire Republican debate, Hillary Clinton wins Iowa with a tiny margin, Ted Cruz wins the Iowa Republican caucuses
Lifestyle, Paris restaurants:
The afternoon tea at the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris, Shang Palace Paris

186, January 2016
Trump vs. the Republicans, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clash at Iowa town hall meeting, President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sander disagree on health care January, The Tsainami has swept the KMT away in Taiwan, Trump vs. Cruz
The Other Saudis
Travel, Munich:
Sofitel Munich Bayerpost
Music: Kurt Masur biography

185, December 2015
Clinton wins the third Democratic debate, Trump and Carson unconvincing in the Republican presidential debate, Everybody joins the war in Syria December

184, November 2015
The cellist Sol Gabetta
Miró and the Object
Lifestyle: The Oxford Companion To Wine

Politics: The new Portuguese government, The Socialist Costa named prime minister in Portugal,
Macri promises change in Argentina, The Democratic presidential debate in Des Moines, The Paris death toll, No clear winner in the fourth Republican presidential debate, Portugal's minority government, Erdogan's rule becomes more authoritarian

183, October 2015
Politics: The third Republican presidential debate,
Official results of the Polish election, Clinton wins Democratic debate, Coelho wins in Portugal, The French budget does not respect the Maastricht criteria

182, September 2015
Art: Picasso Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York
Austria is moving to the right, The new Tsipras cabinet, The new Greek government, The second Republican, presidential debate, 25 years of independent Transnistria

181, August 2015
Wickremesinghe re-elected prime minister of Sri-Lanka, Terror attacks in Turkey, The first GOP presidential debate, Carly Fiorina is the winner of the Happy Hour Debate, The GOP debates
The history of Central Asia by Christoph Baumer
Discovering the Impressionists: Paul Durand-Ruel and the New Painting

180, July 2015
Art: Klee and Kandinsky
The compromise presented by Tusk, The Greek reform proposals, No new proposal by the new Greek finance minister, The ECB has decided to continue its ELA loans to Greece, The Greek say no in the referendum

179, June 2015
The Greek banks remain closed this week
Paul Gauguin at Fondation Beyeler
History of Lviv
Lviv sightseeing

178, May 2015
Travel, Lviv:
LH Hotel and Spa
Cameron wins majority, The new Israeli coalition government, Growth in Greece will be minimal

177, April 2015
Estonia's new coalition government, Netanyahu will form a right-wing government

176, March 2015
Politics: The Cameron and Miliband double interview by Paxman,
Dilma Rousseff and the Petrobras scandal, Estonia after the election

175, February 2015
Hotel Plaza Athénée Paris
Christophe Moret, Le Relais Plaza. The brasserie in Paris
Bruckner Symphonies
Art: Henry Moore exhibition at Zentrum Paul Klee
King Salman has to reform Saudi Arabia

174, January 2015
Mattarella elected President, The Greek finance minister refuses to collaborate with the Troika, Syriza wins in Greece, Obama's State of the Union Address, SMI in free fall after SNB stopped defending Swiss Franc, Italian President Napolitano resigned, The Republican March in Paris

173, December 2014
Abe wins two-thirds majority in Japan, Netanyahu moves to the right, The presidential ambitions of Nicolas Sarkozy

172, November 2014
Canaletto: Bernardo Bellotto paints Europe
The new Ukrainian coalition government, Republicans win midterm elections, Beji Caid Essebsi wants to become president of Tunisia

171, October 2014
Music: Cecilia Bartoli: St Petersburg
Politics: Ashraf Ghani thanks Nato

170, September 2014
Music: Smokey Robinson
Politics: Abe presents a new cabinet in Japan,
The West must take into account Putin's interests

169, August 2014
Lauren Bacall
Nicola Benedetti
Politics: Emmanuel Macron the new French minister of the economy,
Nuri al-Maliki will not leave the office of prime minister of Iraq without a decision from the federal court, Erdogan wants a constitution with more power for the president, Narendra Modi and India's economy

168, July 2014
Israel's war against Hamas, Lieberman dismantles the Likud-Beitenu faction with Netanyahu

167, June 2014
Politics: Obama's failed Syria policy,
Obama's failed Iraq policy, Al Sisi moves Egypt in the wrong direction, Putin implicitly recognizes Poroshenko, Petro Poroshenko, The new Palestinian government

166, May 2014
Politics: The Thai military coup,
The military takes over Thailand, Thailand's National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) indicted Yingluck Shinawatra over her populist rice subsidy program, Thailand's Constitutional Court ousts Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra

165, April 2014
Erdogan wants to stay in power

164, March 2014
The Crimea becomes Russian, Putin wants the Crimea

163, February 2014
Politics: Renzi will govern Italy as prime minister

162, January 2014
Travel, Warsaw:
Polonia Palace Hotel
Lifestyle, Paris: 
Laurent André, executive chef

161, December 2013
Restaurant La Bauhinia in Paris
Shangri-La hotel Paris

160, November 2013
Visiting Madeira
Music, jazz:
Cedric Caillaud

159, October 2013
The US spied on Merkel since 2002. Obama knew since 2010 and lied about it to the German Chancellor, The House raises the debt ceiling and ends the government shutdown, The US have reached their debt ceiling again, Letta wins vote of confidence in Italy

158, September 2013
Politics: Revolt by Berlusconi ministers, Italian government breakup,
Angela Merkel and her difficult coalition talks, Angela Merkel and her difficult coalition talks, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Adly Mansour interview
Kipling Hotel Paris

157, August 2013
Is al-Sisi Egypt's new dictator?
Koloman Moser at Neue Galerie in New York, Lewis Hine at Fotomuseum Winterthur, Margaret Bourke-White at Kunstfoyer in Munich
InterContinental Warsaw, Kempinski Vilnius, Stikliai Hotel Vilnius

156, July 2013
Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich
Lifestyle: Chef Steffen Mezger
Hazem Al Beblawi appointed new Prime Minister in Egypt, The Muslim Brotherhood is calling for an uprising, Egypt in search of a new prime minister: Siad Bahaa al-Din as the new, hot favorite

155, June 2013
Warsaw Marriott
Grzegorz Golen
Politics: The new Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah
Hotel Louisa's Place in Berlin

154, May 2013
Nawaz Sharif is back, The economic outlook for Greece

153, April 2013
Politics: The new Italian government headed by Enrico Letta, Napolitano reelected - Romano Prodi not elected president of Italy, No peace with this Israeli cabinet

152, March 2013
Politics: The new Israeli coalition government,
The financial gridlock in the US
A History of the Baltic States by Andres Kasekamp

151, February 2013
Politics: Beppe Grillo unites one quarter of all Italian voters, Bersani wins only the Chamber of Deputies
Dominique Ferchaud
Travel, Egypt:
Mövenpick Cairo Pyramids

150, January 2013
Yair Lapid and Yesh Atid, The Portuguese reforms
Travel: Florence Hotel Lungarno &
Gallery Art Hotel, Madeira Quinta da Bela Vista

149, December 2012
Politics: Monti ready to lead again, Bersani tells Monti to stay out of the race, Morsi wants to hold referendum, The never-ending Egyptian revolution

148, November 2012
Politics: Morsi and his plans for Egypt,
Obama re-elected, Monti's reforms

147, October 2012
Politics: Third presidential debate,
The second presidential debate between Obama and Romney, The vice-presidential debate, Mitt Romney's Virginia foreign policy speech, The first presidential debate between Romney and Obama
Travel, Madeira:
Pestana Grand Hotel
Music, jazz:
Graham Dechter

146, September 2012
Politics: Banerjee left the UPA government in India, Indian coalition breakup,
Romney sinks himself, Obama's economic numbers are weak and bleak, Full transcript of Obama's convention speech, Full transcript of Bill Clinton's convention speech, Michelle Obama's convention speech

15, August 2012
Politics: Full text of Mitt Romney's RNC speech,
Full transcript of Marco Rubio's RNC speech, Full transcript of Clint Eastwood's RNC speech, Full text of Condoleezza Rice's RNC speech, Full text of Paul Ryan's RNC speech, Full text of Chris Christie's RNC speech, Full text of Ann Romney's RNC speech, The new Egyptian government

144, July 2012
Politics: Kadima will leave the coalition, Morsi was the better choice

143, June 2012
Travel, Egypt:
The Winter Palace in Luxor, Jolie Ville Luxor, Hotel Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah

142, Mai 2012
Politics: The United States on the way to more economic and financial realism?
New Israeli coalition will continue settlement policy, Greece is heading towards new elections, French president Hollande with no credible plan
Travel, Egypt:
Hotel Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Aswan

141, April 2012
Travel, Cairo:
InterContinental Cairo Semiramis
Travel, Madeira:
The Cliff Bay, Pestana Carlton Madeira, Hotel The Vine, Quinta do Monte, Quinta da Casa Branca, Casa Velha, Quinta Perestrello
Romney wins five primaries, Romney is focusing on Obama, Khairat Al-Shater is the presidential candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood
Lifestyle, Madeira:
Chef Benoît Sinthon, Chef Thomas Faudry

140, March 2012
2012 Madeira Cocktail Competition, Massimiliano Blasone at Apsley restaurant London, Ahmad Shirali Shuib at Suka Restaurant London, Theo Randall at the InterContinental London Park Lane
Travel, Madeira: Quinta do Estreito
Travel, London:
Sanderson hotel London, InterContinental London Park Lane
Travel, Hamburg: Hotel Louis C. Jacob,
Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
Santorum wins Louisiana and will fight on, After Illinois the GOP should unite behind Romney, Romney is the Puerto Rico takes-it-all winner, Mixed results for Romney in Alabama, American Samoa, Hawaii and Mississippi, Rick Santorum will never become president, Super Tuesday results, BJP and Congress lose in the Uttar Pradesh elections - The regional Samajwadi Party is the clear winner, Romney wins Washington state, Romney wins Arizona and Michigan
Alistair Darling: Back from the Brink

139, February 2012
The Lanesborough, Hotel Sacher Vienna, Bairro Alto Hotel Lisbon, Mövenpick Hotel Cairo-Media City, Mövenpick Resort Aswan, InterContinental Vienna, Westin Europa & Regina Venice
Politics: The new deal between Fatah and Hamas
, Romney wins Maine, Santorum wins Colorado, GOP Minnesota caucuses, GOP Missouri Caucuses, Romney wins Nevada, Florida primary results

138, January 2012
Politics: Obama's State of the Union Address,
South Carolina primary, Perry endorses Gingrich, Huntsman endorses Romney, Why President Obama has failed, Romney wins in New Hampshire, Romney after Iowa, Ma wins in Taiwan

137, December 2011
Peru’s new cabinet
Chef Erich Cochlar in Vienna

136, November 2011
Politics: The new Greek government,
Berlusconi loses power, Papandreou wins confidence vote, Greece is bankrupt

135, October 2011
Berlusconi wins vote of confidence, Netanyahu is an obstacle to peace

134, September 2011
Abbas' UN speech, Japan's new prime minister Yoshihiko Noda

133, August 2011
US budget deficit, US debt future remains unclear, US debt compromise

132, July 2011
US debt talks, Euro summit rescue deal full text, The Italian debt crisis is far from over, The Italian budget vote, Yingluck Shinawatra wins absolute majority, The move towards new elections by Fatah and Hamas

131, June 2011
Travel, Rome:
Portrait Suites by the Ferragamo family
Erdogan re-elected
Nardis jazz club Istanbul
Art: Ai Weiwei: Interlacing

130, May 2011

Netanyahu's speech to Congress, Transcript of Obama's Middle East Speech, Another attempted rape affair by Strauss-Kahn
129, April 2011
Marine Le Pen

128, March 2011
Irish coalition

127, February 2011
Politics: Mubarak has stepped down
, The power of Fini is erording
Travel, Madeira:
Reid's Palace

126, January 2011
Torture and protests in Egypt, The debt crisis in the United States
Travel: Quinta das Vistas, Madeira, Quinta Jardins do Lago, Madeira, Dukes Hotel London, The Egerton House Hotel London

Chris King at the Langham hotel restaurant Roux at the Landau in London

125, December 2010
Berlusconi survives again, The Irish parliament approves the budget

124, November 2010
U.S. midterm elections

123, October 2010
Travel: Pestana Palace, Lisbon

Latvian parliamentary election, Netanyahu and the Israeli settlements

122, September 2010
Politics: Berlusconi survives vote of confidence in Italy,
Obama under pressure, Kan survives challenge by Ozawa

121, August 2010
Politics: Berlusconi's government

Ray Brown
Pakistani photography, Yves Klein

120, July 2010
President Komorowski of Poland

119, June 2010
King Bhumibol and the unrest in Thailand

118, May 2010
Politics: UK general election

117, April 2010
Obama's second year

116, March 2010
Politics: David Cameron

115, February 2010
Cecilia Bartoli

114, January 2010
Middle East negotiations
Aromatherapy Associates
Film: Jezebel

113, December 2009
Karzai interview, Obama's new Afghan strategy

112, November 2009
Health care reform passes the House, Afghan presidential election

111, October 2009
German elections 2009

110, September 2009
The 2009 Japanese election

109, August 2009
Alberto Giacometti

108, July 2009
Iran after the presidential election

107, June 2009
Music: Harry Sweets Edison

Obama's foreign policy, Obama's Cairo speech 2009

106, April 2009
Netanyahu's cabinet

105, March 2009
Travel, London:
Brown's Hotel

104, February 2009
Politics: Obama - Not so wonderful after all, The Israeli election 2009

103, January 2009
Hotel Danieli Venice, The Mena House in Giza
Obama's cabinet

102, December 2008
Israel's war against Hamas

101, November 2008
President Obama

100, October 2008
Politics: Third presidential debate
Second presidential debate, McCain Obama endgame, Bailout plan passes the House, Biden - Palin debate, Bailout bill passes Senate
Travel: St. Regis Grand Hotel Rome

99, September 2008
First presidential debate McCain-Obama, Mortgage crisis, Financial crisis, McCain's speech on financial markets, Palin vs Obama, Bush Doctrine, Lipstick and an interview, McCain's Convention speech, Palin's Convention speech, The Palin pregnancy

98, August 2008
Kirchner and the Berlin Street
Sarah Palin, Obama's Denver speech, War in Georgia, Obama, free trade, race and vanity

97, July 2008
Politics: Barack Obama's move to the center

96, June 2008
Politics: Hillary Clinton concedes, Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee
, Obama's Democratic nomination victory speech, Hillary Clinton's speech, McCain's speech of June 3, After the Puerto Rico primary

95, May 2008
Kentucky and Oregon, Obama backed by Edwards, Indiana and North Carolina, Wright and Obama

94, April 2008
Clinton wins Pennsylvania, Berlusconi wins, Clinton and Obama

93, March 2008
Politics: Texas and Ohio primaries

No. 92, February 2008
Romney endorses McCain, Super Tuesday
Travel, Belgium, Knokke: Manoir du Dragon

No. 91, January 2008
Politics: Edwards and Giuliani drop out,
McCain wins Florida, Obama wins South Carolina, South Carolina primary, Michigan primary, New Hampshire primary, Iowa Caucus

No. 90, December 2007
Politics: Benazir Bhutto killed
, Swiss elections

No. 89, November 2007
Hotel Verhaegen, Hotel Walburg
Art: Indian Temple Sculpture

No. 88, October 2007
Politics: Brzezinski: Second Chance

No. 87, September 2007
Shinzo Abe resigned, Early elections in Poland

No. 86, August 2007
Politics: Early Palestinian elections

85, July 2007
Politics: Japanese Upper House election

No. 84, June 2007
Cabinet Gordon Brown, Abbas - Olmert summit, French parliamentary election, Royal - Hollande breakup, Civil War in Palestine
Hotel Eden, Rome
Lifestyle: La Terrazza dell'Eden

No. 83, May 2007
Politics: Sarkozy President
, Debate Royal - Sarkozy, Nicolas Sarkozy 2007
Travel: Hotel Capo d'Africa, Rome

No. 82, April 2007
Politics: French presidential election, The Second Cabinet Haniyeh

No. 81, March 2007
Lifestyle: Restaurant Relais Picasso Rome
Hotel Raphael Rome
Arts: Biedermeier
Government Prodi wins vote of confidence

No. 80, February 2007
Foreign aid and poverty
The Three Sisters Hotel in Tallinn, The history of the InterContinental Hotels Group

No. 79, January 2007
Politics: Bush's Iraq strategy 2007

Art: Chola Sacred Bronzes of Southern India
Music: Kristine Opolais
Origins A Perfect World White Tea skin care

No. 78, December 2006
Hotel Kämp

No. 77, November 2006
Mid-term elections 2006
Travel: Hotel St Petersbourg Tallinn

No. 76, October 2006
UN Resolution 1718, The German grand coalition has come to a standstill

No. 75, September 2006
Music: Shyam Sundar Goswami, The Lives & Times of the Great Composers
White Tea

4, August 2006
Film: Syriana
Kandinsky: The Path to Abstraction
Israel's war in Lebanon in 2006
Robbie Williams, Andrejs Zagars

No. 73, July 2006
Art: Klee and America
Andris Nelsons

No. 72, June 2006
The Peruvian presidential election 2006
Music: The Latvian National Opera LNO

No. 71, May 2006
Politics: The Italian general election 2006
Travel: Grand Hotel Vesuvio, Naples
Lifestyle: Restaurant La Rôtisserie Warsaw

No. 70, April 2006
Politics: Israel and Palestine after the elections 2006

No. 69, March 2006
Art: Pompeii

No. 68, February 2006
Art: Qing Art - China: The Three Emperors
Travel, Rome: Visconti Palace Hotel, Hotel Lord Byron

No. 67, January 2006
Politics: The Latvian banking system, Russia's authoritarian regime 2006
Film: Mr. Skeffington

No. 66, December 2005
Lifestyle, Riga: How to lose 4 kg in 4 days, Restaurant Talavera
Travel, Riga: Radisson SAS Daugava Hotel

No. 65, November 2005
Lifestyle: Dominican Restaurant at the Hilton Budapest
Film: Monster's Ball
Music: Ravi Shankar
Art: Edgar Degas

No. 64, October 2005
Music: Indian classical music
Travel, London: The Milestone

No. 63, September 2005
Film: Cinderella Man
History: Wall Street

No. 62, July 2005
Music: Krisztina Wajsza new!
Politics: Interview with president Vike-Freiberga new!
History: Latvia under Soviet and Nazi occupations new!

No. 61, June 2005
Art: Arts and Crafts at the V&A

No. 60, May 2005
Politics: 2005 UK general election
Music: Jimmy Woode

No. 59, April 2005
Politics: The Bush presidency 2005

No. 58, March 2005
Travel, Washington D.C.: Willard InterContinental
Art: Antoni Gaudi

No. 57, February 2005
Politics: President Bush's State of the Union Address 2005
Travel: Murphy's laws

No. 56, January 2005
Travel, Zurich: ALDEN Hotel Splügenschloss
Art: Walker Evans: The Hungry Eye

No. 55, December 2004
Music: Carlos Kleiber
Art: The Olmecs
Lifestyle: Jo Malone
Film: De-Lovely

No. 54, November 2004
Politics: Kerry for president?, Bush for president?

No. 53, October 2004
Travel, Berlin: Hotel Brandenburger Hof
Lifestyle: Restaurant Quadriga Berlin

No. 52, September 2004
Travel, Brienz, Switzerland: Grandhotel Giessbach
Travel, London: Claridge's + part 2

No. 51, August 2004
Politics: Biography of Martin Wolf, Martin Wolf: Why Globalization Works
Lifestyle: Mariage Frères tea company

No. 50, July 2004
Politics: Torture in Iraq
Art: Andy Warhol Self-Portraits, August Sander

No. 49, June 2004
Travel, London: Swissôtel The Howard
Lifestyle: JAAN restaurant London, Afternoon Tea
No. 48, May 2004
Art: Dieter Roth
Travel, London: The Ritz London
Politics: President Bush's foreign policy
No. 47, April 2004
Travel: Hotel dei Mellini  
Politics: The Madrid terror attacks, The Spanish election 2004
Music: Diana Krall: The Girl in the Other Room
Lifestyle: Penhaligon's perfumesRestaurant Bombay Copenhagen, SALT restaurant Copenhagen
No. 46, March 2004
Lifestyle: The Ritz Restaurant London, Floris perfumes London
Art: Eltham Palace
No. 45, February 2004
Travel: Abbey Court Hotel London, Eleven Cadogan Gardens Hotel London, The Langham London
Lifestyle: Restaurant The Quilon London

No. 44, January 2004
Travel: Westin Paris
Music: Al Green

No. 43, December 2003
Travel: Hotel Beau-Rivage  
History: Fête de l'Escalade
Film: Intolerable Cruelty

No. 42, November 2003
Travel: History of Spain's HUSA hotel group, part 2

No. 41, October 2003
Art: Brice Marden

No. 40, September 2003
Art: Chola bronzes
History: Chola empire, National Geographic Maps Collection

No. 39, August 2003
Travel: Madrid sightseeing guide, Hotel Hesperia Madrid, Hotel Wellington Madrid, Hotel HUSA Princesa, history of the HUSA group, Hotel Ritz Madrid
Lifestyle: Goya Restaurant in Madrid, Malvasía Restaurant, Restaurant Goizeko-Wellington Madrid

No. 38, July 2003
Politics: Silvio Berlusconi and his cabinet

No. 37, June 2003
Politics: Israel after the 2003-election, The Middle East roadmap (document)
No. 36, May 2003
Art: New York Capital of Photography

No 35, April 2003
Music: Lynne Arriale's album Arise
No 34, March 2003
Politics: US foreign policy on Iraq, US foreign policy on Iraq part 2, European foreign policy on Iraq
Music: Norah Jones, Barenboim biography Part 4: 1955-56 & Artur Rubinstein
Film: Birthday Girl, The Hours
No. 33, January 2003
Music: Daniel Barenboim biography Part 1, Part 2: 1948-53, Part 3: 1954-55
History: The history of cartography
No. 32, December 2002
Film: Sunset Boulevard
No. 31, November 2002
Politics: Sharon in a dead end street
Art/History: Bankes in Egpyt and Nubia
No. 30, October 2002
History/Lifestyle: The history of the ballpoint pen
Art: Berenice Abbott
No. 29, September 2002
History: The story of Erno Laszlo
Film: A Beautiful Mind, Pantaleón y las visitadoras
Music: Bounce, Interview with Bon Jovi
No. 28, August 2002
Travel: History of the city of Lucerne
Film: Biography and filmography of Robert Altman, Gosford Park by Robert Altman, Hable con ella - Talk To Her by Pedro Almodóvar
Music: Elvis Presley - The King's alive!
No. 27, June 2002
Art: Art 33 Basel - the world's leading fair for modern and contemporary art
No. 26, April 2002
Politics & economics: Against the Third Way: the liberal case for economic globalisation by Razeen Sally
Art: Ming Ceramics in The British Museum, Gerhard Richter at the Museum of Modern Art
No. 25, March 2002
Politics & economics: The Euro - success and its significance by Harriet Matejka
Film: Mulholland Drive by David Lynch with Naomi Watts
No. 24, February 2002
Art: William Eggleston - the exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in Paris
No. 23, January 2002
Film: Nicole Kidman - biography and filmography, The Others - a film starring Nicole Kidman
No. 22, December 2001
Music: Jim Hall & Basses, SuperBass 2 with Ray Brown, John Clayton and Christian McBride
No. 21, November 2001
Music: The Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Art: Impressionist & other still life paintings at the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. and at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 2002
No. 20, October 2001
Politics: Osama bin Laden - a biography of the man supposed to be the financier and instigator behind the terror attacks against the United States
Film/DVD: Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrmann with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor
No. 19, September 2001
Art: Two Golden Ages - Masterpieces of Dutch and Danish Painting in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Music: Diana Krall - The Look of Love
Film/DVD: Spike Lee's Summer of Sam with John Leguizamo and Mira Sorvino
No. 18, August 2001
Politics: Junichiro Koizumi and Japan's future: biography of the Prime Minister, election results and information on cabinet members
Art: Canaletto - the exhibition "An Imaginary Venice" at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid
Film: Bridget Jones's Diary - the film based on Helen Fielding's novel with Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth
No. 17, July 2001
Politics: Alejandro Toledo and his new Peruvian cabinet
Travel: New York City - a brief history
Music: Dave Brubeck - biography, CDs and concert review, Lisa Ekdahl and her bossa nova
Film: Jurassic Park
No. 16, June 2001
Politics: The Inside Story of New Labour, Tony Blair election 2001
Art: Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851)
Music: Murray Perahia in concert
Film: Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider
No. 15, March 2001
Art: The Annie Leibovitz and Susan Sontag exhibition "Women" at the Miami Art Museum, later on display in San Francisco and Seattle
Music: The Tiny Bell Trio in concert
Film: Julia Roberts, In memoriam of William Hanna: Tom and Jerry
No. 14, February 2001
Politics: Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres
Art: Balthus - in memoriam, The Yves Tanguy retrospective in Stuttgart
History: The story of Klezmer
Music: Jane Monheit in concert, Ken Burns' Jazz, Jimmy Smith, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Martha Argerich in concert, Shostakovich's memoirs & CD by the Emerson String Quartet, U2, Lenny Kravitz, The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra in concert
Film: Cary Grant
No. 13, January 2001
Politics: The landslide victory by Thaksin and his Thai Rak Thai Party in Thailand
History: The Etruscan Civilization
Exhibition: Edward Steichen at the Whitney Museum of American Art
Art: The Barnes Foundation
Music: The 100th anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi's death, The Nicholas Payton Quintet in concert, Sade
Film: Alfred Hitchcock at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
No. 12, December 2000
Politics: George W. Bush, Al Gore concedes, Colin Powell statement
History: Ian Kershaw's Hitler, Michael Burleigh's The Third Reich, Columbia Chronologies of Asian History and Culture
Exhibitions: Pop Art, Andy Warhol's Series and Singles, Roy Lichtenstein, 19th century American landscape painting, Vincent Van Gogh, Black Photographers
Music: Lynne Arriale in concert, Brad Mehldau in concert, Mikhail Pletnev in concert, The Beatles Film: James Bond, Sean Connery
No. 11, November 2000
Politics: The US elections, Montesinos, Fujimori, Toledo and Peru's future
History: Modern Chinese history
Exhibitions: Gustav Klimt, Impressionist and Modern Masterworks
Music: James Brown in concert, Dave Douglas in concert, Claudia Acuña in concert, Valery Gergiev
Film: Ghost Dog on DVD
No. 10, October 2000
Politics: Bush vs. Gore, 10 years of  German reunification
History: The White House Staff
Exhibitions: Leonardo da Vinci
Art books: Fiction Reconstructed
Music: Madonna: Music, Wynton Marsalis Septet, Clifford Brown biography, classical music CDs
Film: The Insider, The Sixth Sense
No. 9, September 2000
Politics: Al Gore, The Indonesian crisis
History: Indonesia since c. 1300
Exhibitions: Picasso's sculptures
Concerts: International Music Festival Lucerne, Verbier Festival & Academy, Diana Krall
Film: Kubrick's 2001, Quentin Tarantino
No. 8, July 2000
Politics: The elections in Mexico, The elections in Japan 
History: The Japanese culture of reforms 
Exhibitions: Vincent Van Gogh, Antoni Tàpies, Ben Shahn, Walker Evans 
Concerts: Pat Mehteny/Charlie Haden, Montreux Jazz Festival
CDs: John Coltrane, Joao Gilberto, B.B.King/Eric Clapton, Tom Jones, Eminem
Film/DVD: Das Boot, Lone Star
No. 7, June 2000
Politics: Alberto Fujimori and Peru
History: Merida: American Capital of Culture, Motown and the cultural politics of Detroit, The Bach-biography by Christoph Wolff, The Bach-biography by Malcolm Boyd
Exhibitions: Franz Marc, Art Nouveau
Music: Dave Douglas, Oscar Peterson, Caetano Veloso, Mischa Maisky, Evgeny Kissin, Ute Lemper, Ray Charles, George Benson, Toni Braxton, Randy Crawford
Film/DVD: Russell Crowe, Gladiator, Mickey Blue Eyes
No. 6, May 2000
Politics: Italy's new Prime Minster, Italy's governments since WWII, Germany and its new CDU
History: The history of Sculpture 1900-1945, The history of Sculpture since 1945
Exhibitions: The Glory of the Golden Age, Honoré Daumier, Art in Central Europe
Concerts: Al Jarreau, Bobby McFerrin
CDs: Platin 8, Pete Townshend, Chic, Vivaldi's Concerti della Natura
DVDs: Rebel Without A Cause, White Mischief, The Osterman Weekend, Extreme Measures
No. 5, April 2000
Politics: Taiwan, Jiang Zemin, Putin's Russia, Spain 
History: Contemporary Taiwan, Post Mao Reforms, History of China, Imperial China 
Exhibitions: Pharaohs, Kandinsky, Warhol 
Books: Art in China, The Peninsula Hotel (Hong Kong) 
Books on Jazz: Berendt, Giddins, Feather 
Concerts: Vengerov, Kocsis, Bebop Legends 
CDs: Kenny Barron, J.J. Johnson, Pat Metheny, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Astor Piazzolla, Stevie Wonder, The Million Dollar Hotel, Poncho Sanchez, Tracy Chapman, Mitsuko Uchida, Sarah Chang, Alfred Brendel & Alban Berg Quartet
Film/DVD: Stanley Kubrick, Wild Wild West, Rush Hour, Hard Boiled
No. 4, March 2000
Politics: No interview with Heide Schmidt
History: Ukraine in the World, Ukraine between Russia and the West
Art: Paul Cézanne, Manhattan Skyscrapers
Music: Daniel Barenboim, Maurizio Pollini, Ivo Pogorelich, Brad Mehldau Trio, Dave Holland & Jim Hall, The Cure, AC/DC, Oscar D'Leon, Concerto Köln
Film/DVD: Richard III, Crash, Smoke, Falling Down
No. 3, February 2000
Politics: Germany in crisis, Austria in search of a new government
History: Dean Acheson. The biography by James Chace, America in Depression and War, The First World War in British perspective
Exhibition: Japanese photography
DVDs: Casablanca, Gettysburg, Ronin
Music: Shannon Curfman, Tina Turner, Sibelius CDs
No. 2, January 2000
Politics: Cosmopolis exclusive interview with the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Cornelio Sommaruga, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin and Russia 
History: Lilia Shevtsova: Yeltsin's Russia, Henri & Pierre Matisse, Quotations
Music: Dizzy Gillespie, Carlos Santana
Film/DVDs: Mira Sorvino: biography; movies: Mighty Aphrodite, The Replacement Killers, At First Sight, Summer of Sam, L. A. Confidential, The Bonfire of the Vanities
No. 1, December 1999
Politics: Malaysia: Mahathir and the National Front have won another two-thirds majority, Indonesia after the elections, India after the elections
History: Japanese history (Gary D. Allinson; Karel van Wolferen)
Concerts: Anne-Sophie Mutter and Krzysztof Penderecki (biographies, CDs, concert in Montreux together with André Previn and the Curtis Symphony Orchestra), Candy Dulfer & Funky Stuff (biography, CDs, concert review)
Classic CDs: Great Pianists, Stravinsky, Bruckner
New jazz CDs: Yoshiko Kishino
Pop CDs: David Bowie (The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars; hours ...), The Corrs, Mint Condition, new pop CDs (Enrique Iglesias, Prince, Jacques Brel, Led Zeppelin, The Bloodhound Gang)
DVD: You've got m@il
No. zero, October 25, 1999
Film: Stanley Kubrick, The Blair Witch Project
Art: Weegee,
Tom Wolfe: A Man in Full, The Bonfire of The Vanities
Music: Sting + Brand New Day

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