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The Corrs: unplugged
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Article added in December 1999, Cosmopolis No. 1, December 1999

The Corrs - biography
Andrea (born on 17/05/74): lead vocals, tin whistle; Caroline (born on 17/03/75): drums, bodhran, vocals ; Sharon (born on 24/03/70): violin, vocals; Jim (born on 31/07/68): keyboards, guitars, vocals.
Already The Corrs' debut album Forgiven, Not Forgotten (1995) earned them a fair share of attention (U.K. top 5, worldwide two million copies sold). With their last CD, Talk on Corners (1998/99), they have had a worldwide success and a number 1 hit in the U.K. In 1998, they got the chance to open a number of Rolling Stones concerts on the continent and, as Mick  Jagger told El Mundo, "were on the verge of blowing us, the Rolling Stones, off of our own stage!" That way, The Corrs were able to win themselves a new audience. In 1999, they have had a lot of gigs together with stars of the music business. Their unplugged appearance on MTV together with their new CD Unplugged (1999) is already a mega seller. The Corrs have dressed Irish folk music for success (more than 4.5 million copies sold in 1998 alone). Nothing succeeds like success. And of course, a long time ago, The Corrs have become a hot live act.
Whenever traditionalists dominate a musical genre, they condemn it to sterility. The Corrs have added a modern twiste to their homeland's folk music. Andrea explains The Corrs' popularity around the planet: "I think the reason for that is our music is very melodic. Also, there's something about the traditional Irish music element that, all around the world, seems to capture everybody's heart." By the way, Andrea Corr has spent much of her rare off-time in acting pursuits and tries to develop a parallel movie career. She has now appeared in two films by director Alan Parker: The Commitments and Evita, in which she portrays Juan Peron's mistress.
The Corr's grew up in Dundalk in Ireland's County Louth, which lies 50 miles north of Dublin. "In typical Irish clan fashion, each member plays, sings, writes, and generally throws stardust into the family pot. Since expanding thier bonds from family to band in 1990, things have happened quickly for The Corrs. The group had only been together briefly when they met their soon-to-be manager, John Hughes, who was assembling musicians for Alan Parker's film, The Commitments. A friendship was struck and the band drew an inivation to perform in Dublin as part of a special Commitments live concert. As luck would have it, U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Jean Kennedy Smith heard The Corrs play at a small club in Dublin and invited them to America to play at the World Cup celebration in Boston. Still unsigned, the band seized the opportunity to meet with U.S. labels. Captivated by the group, Atlantic Senior Vice President Jason Flom suggested in turn they meet with Atlantic Vice President and producer David Foster. On thier last day in New York City, The Corrs arrived at the studio unannounced. Foster then invited them in to play for him. It was not long after that, that the Corrs were offical Atlantic Group Artists." - Get the CD The Corrs: unplugged from and

The Corrs: unplugged. Get the CD from Get the CD from,

Added on May 27, 2004: New from The Corrs: Borrowed Heaven. Warner, 2004. Get the CD from,,