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McCain Obama endgame

Added on October 6, 2008 at 09:10 Riga time
It is surely fair game to point out that Obama is a man of the left with the wrong recipes in times of a financial crisis which may lead to a long recession. However, constructive ideas how to get out of the crisis are much more important. The American voter wants solutions. It is a time to counter Obama's flowery slogans of hope and change with concrete propositions for America's real problems. If the McCain camp concentrates its energy primarily on negative attacks on Obama, on character assassination, Americans will vote for Obama on November 4.

Article added on October 6, 2008 at 02:08 Riga time
McCain must stop being angry in debates and on camera in general. He must look presidential like Obama or he will lose the presidential election. Americans do not want an angry, ranting president.

palling around with terrorists attack on Obama was over the top, the wrong strategy in the election endgame. But later she pointed out to the truth: “I think it's fair to talk about where Barack Obama kicked off his political career, in the guy's living room.” That's not character assassination anymore.

Although Barack Obama is not a terrorist or believes in terrorism and although he does not subscribe to the conspiracy theory that the United States government created the HIV virus to decimate the African-American population, it is not completely by accident that Obama met people like the former terrorist Ayers and the ranting pastor Wright. Obama comes from a left-wing neighborhood. He got elected there because he stood and stands on the political left. Not an the extreme, radical left, but on the left nevertheless.

If I was McCain and Palin, I would stress that Obama has no serious bipartisan record. The cases he brings up were all cases where practically all Democrats and Republicans agreed on a subject and therefore it did not need a serious bipartisan effort to get something passed. John McCain on the other hand stood up when in mattered, notably in the case of the surge and in the case of torture, to mention just two of many efforts by the candidate closest to an independent to have a chance to be elected in generations.

Obama's entire Hope and Change slogan is baseless. In the Senate, he voted 96-97% on party lines. He is a left-winger. His 2004 Convention speech of bringing the country together - there are no red and no blue states - is preposterous.

As for the change we need now it is surely not more subsidies and protectionism, as the Senate votes by Obama suggest. Vote for the free trader McCain.

Another important argument for McCain is the fact that it is almost certain that the Democrats will sweep both the Senate and the House. A Democratic Congress will push a Democratic president to the left. That happened to Bill Clinton, who was a centrist, unlike the social-democrat Obama, to speak in European terms.

Obama has strange ideas when it comes to military and foreign policy. He and Biden were both wrong on the surge. According to Obama's - several times revised - Iraq plan, the U.S. troops would have been forced to give away the victory in Iraq, leaving the country to chaos. To put it bluntly, Obama would have fucked up the end game in Iraq, as did Bush the Elder, who won the war but decided to leave the dictator in place for reasons of stability”, and who watched Saddam subsequently massacre Shiites in southern Iraq.

The United Nations are a failed institution. The only candidate in the entire race to come up with a new idea was John McCain with his League of Democracies. Some details should be discussed, but the idea as such is a step in the right direction.

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When Barack Obama went to Israel, he told the people their that Jerusalem should remain an undivided Israeli city. He backtracked later. But any Palestinian who still trusts Obama is a nut. The Democratic candidate single-handedly comprised his position as a future honest broker in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Repeatedly, Obama told audiences what they wanted to hear, be it in Israel or in the United States, where he promised subsidies to farmers, protectionism to workers hit by the recession. Obama is an overhyped left-wing populist with old ideas that do not work. That's not change we can believe in or change we need, as he calls it now.

I was in Berlin when Obama came to the German capital to give a speech in front of some 200,000 people. A campaign stop on foreign territory by a presidential candidate who has not achieved anything in his career yet other than writing a book about himself and giving a speech at a party convention is odd enough. But Obama also insisted that the people coming to his rally were not aloud to carry banners, political ads, hold up any kind of propaganda. He was afraid of anti-Bush and anti-American propaganda, which would have backfired. The crowd was good enough for his grandstanding in front of a historic landmark on European soil, but to give the crowd free speech, the right to express themselves, would have been to much for The One.

As for the economy, Fannie May and Freddie Mac with their allegedly affordable mortgages - you just got the $700 billion additional price tag - was a project dear to Democratic ideologues who have not clue about the economy, helped by greedy predator lenders, bankers and other fellow travelers who sold the junk as secure securities.

The Democratic party is about to embark on a social-democratic makeover of America in times of a financial crisis. Remember the 1930s. The New Deal had no impact on the economy. It did not improve the financial situation. Democrats are likely to subsidize larger parts of the economy and to protect” the United States from international competition. That is what happened in the 1930s and led to a world recession.

The situation is already critical enough, with British, French and now German banks being nationalized.

The McCain campaign does not have to make up issues, to go into character assassination. The facts speak for themselves. Point out to what he actually did and said and to what Hillary Clinton and others said about him.

Added on October 6, 2008 at 02:36
Riga time:
AP gets it wrong. Because Obama was eight when Ayers was a terrorist, it was incorrect by AP to quote
Obama's strategist David Axelrod, who told Politico in February: Bill Ayers lives in his neighborhood. Their kids attend the same school. They're certainly friendly, they know each other, as anyone whose kids go to school together.” AP should have questioned this statement too. Ayers' children are much older and out of school, therefore not at the same school as Obama's children. As for the Ayers-Obama connection, Obama has clearly played down their relation, e.g. on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge school project. Despite the NYT article, it remains possible that Ayers had something to do with Obama being appointed to the Annenberg Challenge. Let's be clear, all that still does not make Obama embrace Ayers' radical ideas.

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