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Palin versus Obama
Article added on September 15, 2008
John McCain is allegedly a shrewd politician who chose a hockey mom to win the presidential election. Yes, Sarah Palin has no foreign, defense and security policy experience. But she is the only one of the four candidates with executive experience. In any case, the citizens of the United States will elect a president with no executive experience (with the exception of a short period of John McCain at the end of his military career).

The outrage on the Left is sweet. The poster boy on the Democratic ticket is not running for the post of vice president, he is on top of the ticket. Barack Obama has not achieved anything substantial in his entire career, be it as social worker in Chicago or as a legislature in Chicago and in Washington, D.C. Sarah Palin has achieved more in her less than two years as governor than Obama in his entire career.

Currently, the United States are experiencing rough economic times. And as always in such periods, the Left postulates the end of capitalism, economic liberalism and the market.
The Great Depression with FDR's New Deal is the demonstration on U.S. soil that socialist and social-democratic recipes are not the answer in economic crisis.

Greed is an unpleasant feature of human nature, economic cycles and bubbles - who remembers Bill Clinton's bubble? - are unfortunately a part of the economic reality. The danger is high that American voters, destabilized by the self-inflicted economic downturn, will go for the protectionist, interventionist and socialist recipes of the former community organizer with his wife who, until early 2008, had a
$317,000-a-year job as vice president of community and external relations manager of a tax-exempt nonprofit Chicago hospital which provides health care to low income patients. No wonder they make no profit paying some $25,000 per month to the hospital's vice president PR lady. Let's be clear, Michelle is irrelevant when it comes to Barack's qualification to be vice president, but her job corroborates the impression that both Obamas have not worked in an environment where they have learned to understand where the money comes from and how the economy works.

Alaska was the champion of earmarks before Sarah Palin arrived. In her job as mayor, she sought earmarks to get infrastructure to her small town at the end of the world, that is why she hired a lobbyist far away in Washington for $30,000 a year, that was much cheaper than sending her own people down there once a month or so. Later, at the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, she realized how corrupt the system was. As governor, she cut down the number and the volume in dollars of Alaska's earmarks, despite some resistance from politicians and lobbyist. She is not the “Thanks, but not thanks” poster woman, but at least she is marching in the right direction, now in sink with John McCain, who is the only of the four candidates left to have consistently opposed earmarks. It is difficult for the Alaska governor to go from being the U.S. champion of earmarks to being the shining example. Considering that Alaska depends almost entirely on the oil and gas industry, her reforms are remarkable. She took these interests on at least three times - that is courageous and change we can believe in. It is difficult in politics to change anything. And Palin did it as an outsider of the old-boys-club, as she described the system. Don't underestimate how remarkable her achievements are.

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The U.S. and the world will be better off with the old guy who is for free trade who, in 2008, contrary to the opportunistic Democratic poster boy, voted against subsides for farmers although it may hurt him in the election.

McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, may not be the ideal vice presidential candidate, but she once ran her own fishing boat and, as as mayor and governor, had to take decisions with economic consequences. At least in three occasions, she took on the big oil and gas interests which dominate the economy in Alaska and improved the economic and financial situation of Alaskans. That is why her approval ratings are sky-high, making her the most popular governor in the entire United States. This may change later, but for now, she is not the one who voted “present” 130 times.

Sarah Palin's churches and her appearances there may rise some eyebrows, but they pale in comparison with Jeremiah Wright's rants - e.g. the U.S. government spread AIDS to eliminate African-Americans - whom Barack Obama at first could not “disown”, although all the rants were already know. Palin vs Obama is a comparison the Illinois senator cannot win.

Barack Obama is almost as slick as the trial lawyer who denied having fostered a child out of wedlock; do you remember John Edwards? After the primaries, Barack Obama simply said that some of his earlier statements had been made in the overheated climate of the primaries and, therefore, were not valid. He went to Israel, where he said that Jerusalem belongs to the Israel, just to backtrack later when it even occurred to him that the status of Jerusalem was one of the key issues to be negotiated between Israel and Palestine.

Barack has never held an executive office and, therefore, never could make errors with great consequences. But do you want somebody with no accomplishments to become the leader of the Free World? As Rudy Giuliani put it in his Republican Convention speech: “Barack Obama has never led anything. Nothing. Nada.” Hillary Clinton was right when she said: “Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign, I will bring a lifetime of experience, and Senator Obama will bring a speech that he gave in 2002”. For the record: in fact, Obama delivered the speech as the keynote address in the 2004 Democratic Convention.

Barack Obama loses the comparison with Sarah Palin almost on all fronts, with the exception of foreign and security policy. However, Obama - as well as Biden - was wrong regarding the surge. In the Democratic primaries, he said that he would meet with the world's dictators without preconditions and only later partly backtracked from the initial statement. In his time as member of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, Obama has not achieved anything outstanding.

Sarah Palin is fresh and new and, therefore, a media phenomenon as was Barack Obama not so long ago. Her star may partly fade until the election, but her record is and will remain better than Obama's, and she is only the co-pilot whereas Obama is on top of the Democratic ticket. Obama can only lose by attacking Palin. No wonder, he seems to have decided now to concentrate his attacks on John McCain.

It's the economy, stupid! Not only in this regard, the McCain-Palin ticket looks much stronger than the Obama-Biden ticket, especially given the probability that both houses of Congress will be in the hands of the Democrats in November.

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